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always be ready to share your information with a

Connect to the mobile revolution and market on the fastest growing platform in history.
Follow our GO GREEN INITIATIVE by spending LE$$ on paper business cards and connect with others digitally.

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Sending your digital business card (mCard) has never been easier! Create and store the perfect message with your mCard link inside the app and never have to retype your message again. ex: John's Digital Business Card, click here:
When your ready to deliver your mCard simply open the app, select the message you want to send, type the cell number or email address you want to deliver the mCard and click send. Create multiple messages for each mCard you own and the app will keep them organized and ready for use.


Take your business card digital! Always be ready to share your information right from your cell phone. Customers can immediately call, email, text and even navigate through GPS technology right to your business.





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Connect to the mobile revolution and market on the fastest growing platform in history. Joining your mCard with QR codes, mobile websites, texting campaigns and app development will enhance your effectiveness to reach...
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Join today and discover how other businesses turned mCard technology into their prime converting tool. mCard Technology highlights significant success stories that our clients often experience with their digital business card.
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